Version 2!

Hopefully I can keep this fairly short. It’s always hard trying to figure out what to write about yourself, then, when you get going, you’ve found you’re rambling…


I enjoy a variety of activities… anything and everything audio related has a spot very close to my heart. I enjoy fixing/making cables, soldering, building racks, installing gear, etc. Anything that is associated with audio, I enjoy! I have quite a background with my interest in audio that dates all the way back to when I was in 7th grade (~1997). I got involved with the musicals that my middle school put on every year and the following year I was the lead audio tech for the musical. I’ll never forget being the first one to use the new sound system that had been purchased by the school district for that show. I sure hope they’ve improved things since then…

I’m 29, happily married to my wife Jenn, and we have two dogs and a cat. Both my wife and I work in the corporate a/v field and stay constantly busy throughout the year working corporate events.

I used to try to design websites in my free time that I no longer have. This site has finally gotten updated after almost 5 years of sitting dormant. I’m going to try to get my audio portfolio updated as well… and maybe even switch this site over to a wordpress layout… ohhh boy!

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